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It’s cluttered in my head
My thoughts are wrinkled
And not the cool kind of wrinkles that are in fashion
No, they are the kind I want to iron away to feel the smooth fabric of my thoughts
Writing usually does that for me
Sometimes by ironing the wrinkles 
And sometimes by putting them away to be looked at another time 

April 15th, 2022

My driving style!


Let me tell you about my driving style
Or lack thereof!
And before I do
I should tell you that some things
Are influenced by genes
So, I can’t take responsibility for everything!

As it turns out
I don’t have my dad’s driving genes
He was what we call a smooth driver
One of those in whose car you can sleep!
In my case smooth can’t be used
I pump the gas pedal instead of keeping it steady
I get distracted very easily

When in conversation with someone
Who is sitting next to me
My mind wonders
And I miss my exit

The other complaint I hear from my kids
Is that I use the mirror too much
They feel putting on lip stick can wait
Flossing can wait
As soon as I put down the visor now
A hand reaches over and puts it back up
My daughter used to keep her hand on the steering wheel
just in case I overestimate my multitasking skillS

Can I change my driving style
I don’t know
Can I pay more attention to the road
Will I ever drive like my dad or husband
I don’t think so!

My driving style
Or lack thereof
Genetically determined or not
Can perhaps be slightly modified
But it can’t be totally overhauled