My driving style!


Let me tell you about my driving style
Or lack thereof!
And before I do
I should tell you that some things
Are influenced by genes
So, I can’t take responsibility for everything!

As it turns out
I don’t have my dad’s driving genes
He was what we call a smooth driver
One of those in whose car you can sleep!
In my case smooth can’t be used
I pump the gas pedal instead of keeping it steady
I get distracted very easily

When in conversation with someone
Who is sitting next to me
My mind wonders
And I miss my exit

The other complaint I hear from my kids
Is that I use the mirror too much
They feel putting on lip stick can wait
Flossing can wait
As soon as I put down the visor now
A hand reaches over and puts it back up
My daughter used to keep her hand on the steering wheel
just in case I overestimate my multitasking skillS

Can I change my driving style
I don’t know
Can I pay more attention to the road
Will I ever drive like my dad or husband
I don’t think so!

My driving style
Or lack thereof
Genetically determined or not
Can perhaps be slightly modified
But it can’t be totally overhauled


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