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Going against the current is not easy

But when was anything worthwhile attained easily?


When the vision is there

The desire is there

The strength is developed

With persistence and patience

We reach our goals


We are not meant to have easy lives

We are meant to have meaningful lives

Purposeful lives


Fewer people have the foresight and the determination

To swim against the current

There may be those

Who can’t understand those who swim upriver

They may even make fun of them or feel sorry for them


But the end of a difficult journey

And reaching one’s goal is very satisfying

And it usually means the beginning of another adventure


June 10th, 2020

The river of love

A road might end at a single house, but it’’s not love’’s road
Love is a river, drink from it



Love is a river
Drink from it!


Love flows like water
And nourishes the soul

Can’’t contain love
Can’’t run out of love
Love is not limited to a person or a place
Love flows eternal
It’s generous!

Love can flow like a torrent, wild
It can meander like a gentle stream
It can be noisy and loud
It can be quiet and serene

Love’s essential
It vivifies us
And without it
We will shrivel and die


Lida Berghuis
March 27th, 2011