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Tidiness is overrated!

What do the back seat of my car
My bedside table
My reading spot at home
And my coffee table
Have in common?

They’re strewn with books
And when I think of putting them away
I realize that that’s how I like them

My books are my companions
I read a few at a time
One at bedtime
One with my morning coffee
And one when I have extra time!

I don’t want to put them away
Because they grow on me
I like seeing them lying around
They’re like my recent history

Their beautiful jacket designs
Remind me of what I read
How I felt as I read the book
And of my friend
If they were given to me by a friend

Gradually, they become
A part of the furniture for me
How can I remove them?
They are also a part of me!

Lida Berghuis
November 2nd, 2011