School of Mom…



Mothering is one of the best schools in life
Patience, selflessness, being organized
Being flexible, being inventive, and being kind
Only a few things taught in this school of life
Endurance, problem solving, and creativity are other ones

One has to meet many challenges head on

When I thought I could not wake up again
To a crying child
When problems used to confound me
And I had tried all I could try
I learned to persevere
To problem solve
To open my heart

But eventually I felt burnt out
Because I was last on my to-do-list
And the first to be crossed out due to lack of time
Because I didn’t know the importance of caring for myself
Because I confused it with selfishness

Eventually it occured to me
That to be a good caregiver
I needed to care for myself
I needed an avenue for self expression
I needed a creative outlet

And I realized that
There will never be enough time
There are always things to be done
And that I needed to be an non-negotioable item
On my to-do-list
Not one that woud be crossed out

It’s counter-intuitive but it works
Because when I take care of myself
I can be a better mom!

Lida Berghuis
October 15th, 2013

Not philosophical!


I can be philosophical
A lot of the time
Maybe I need to lighten up!
Write a poem about something fun
Something to cheer someone up!

“Tu veux ‘messer’ avec moi?”
Said Nick this morning
To my Ipad as he played a game

That cracked me up!
“Don’’t even think of it
Tu vas ‘dier’”
He went on

I asked him if he felt lighter
Because he lost a tooth last night?
He said, “No, not really
Another tooth is growing in its spot!

Natalie was nervous for her
First day back
Ready to walk out in -14 degree weather
Without mittens on her hands

Natasha had her new green hat on
With a jacket and a scarf
And as she was leaving the house
She was going over her schedule
Thinking out loud

One by one, they left the house
Into the cold winter day they stepped out
Are these my kids, I thought
I promissed  I wouldn’t get philosophical
So, I guess I’ll stop now!

Lida Berghuis
January 17th, 2011

I have to leave!


There goes my favorite vase!

All the water spills out!

The flowers fall on the ground!

Oh no!
That was my favorite vase!

I’’m sorry I didn’’t mean to
I was just playing a pirate game

I’ve told you many times
Not to play with the broom inside!

You have pushed me too far
I think I want to run out of the house!

Who should be angry right now?
The one whose vase is broken
Or the one who has done the crime!?

Mommy I told you, I didn’’t mean to
Mommy, I need to go
First though I’’ll pack my teddy bear
And some spare clothes
A flash light, some books and toys
And then I’’ll  leave
And stay outside
Maybe until it’s dark at night

And where do you plan to go
All by yourself?
Can you tell me that
Before you start on you adventure?

I’’ll be just down the road
In the second court
And when it gets dark
I’’ll come back home!
You just pushed me too far
This time
I have to leave
I must go right now!

Well, Tasha dear
I’’m sorry too
I did not mean to hurt you
What if we try a compromise?
Let us try this idea for size
What if you go out in the front of the house?
Stay out for a while and come back inside.

All right
I think I can do that
As long as you promise
Not to hurt me like that!

Lida Berghuis
March 28th, 2004
Tasha was 8 years old at this time.

One sock on!

One sock off!

Nicholas has
One sock on
One sock off
It’s an odd image
But what stands out
Is the he doesn’t mind!

I see him walking down the hall
One sock on
One sock off
I wonder why he doesn’t
Take the other sock off
Or put the first sock on!

Something odd
It catches my eyes
He is so at ease with himself

I ask him
“What happened to your sock?”
He says, “Natasha took it off!”
I am surprised that he doesn’t mind
He keeps walking
One sock on
One sock off
I keep staring at him
And wonder why
It bothers me that much
That he has only one sock on!

Lida Berghuis
February 23rd, 2004