I have to leave!


There goes my favorite vase!

All the water spills out!

The flowers fall on the ground!

Oh no!
That was my favorite vase!

I’’m sorry I didn’’t mean to
I was just playing a pirate game

I’ve told you many times
Not to play with the broom inside!

You have pushed me too far
I think I want to run out of the house!

Who should be angry right now?
The one whose vase is broken
Or the one who has done the crime!?

Mommy I told you, I didn’’t mean to
Mommy, I need to go
First though I’’ll pack my teddy bear
And some spare clothes
A flash light, some books and toys
And then I’’ll  leave
And stay outside
Maybe until it’s dark at night

And where do you plan to go
All by yourself?
Can you tell me that
Before you start on you adventure?

I’’ll be just down the road
In the second court
And when it gets dark
I’’ll come back home!
You just pushed me too far
This time
I have to leave
I must go right now!

Well, Tasha dear
I’’m sorry too
I did not mean to hurt you
What if we try a compromise?
Let us try this idea for size
What if you go out in the front of the house?
Stay out for a while and come back inside.

All right
I think I can do that
As long as you promise
Not to hurt me like that!

Lida Berghuis
March 28th, 2004
Tasha was 8 years old at this time.

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