Chemo is not fun


Three months of a/c chemo for breast cancer is finished

Three months of Taxol to go

That means three months of heavy chemo is behind me

And twelve weekly chemos ahead

Chemo is not fun

While attacking cancer cells

Other parts of your body are under attack too

Side effects are different for everyone

But nausea, fatigue, low energy and low mood are not fun

As chemo kills the fast dividing cancer cells

Other fast dividing cells are killed as well

Our hair cells are one such cells

The unwanted effects of chemo is the price one pays

To get one’s health back

The alternative is much worse

I need to be thankful that treatment exists

Probably treatments will be even better in the future

But for now 

Nausea, hair loss, fatigue and other side effects

Are things I need to live with

A disease that always had a negative outcome

Is now treatable

It’s important to keep things in perspective

January 6th, 2023

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