The events are happening so fast

Yet painfully slow

Because each day people are being arrested, injured and killed

Each day families don’t know where their loved ones are

Each day they worry for their safety 

We are in the middle of a revolution

It’s gone past demonstrations

It’s gone past demands

It’s a revolution a long time in coming

There were demonstrations in the past

People made demands

They were arrested and jailed

And things seemed to go back to normal

But under that illusive normal, embers were burning

The rage continued

The discontent continued

It seemed to have been controlled

But it would irrupt again

Once again victory would seem within their grasp

Yet again they would face the wrath of those in power

And the fire would die down

But the embers were burning

This time the fire has spread far and wide

It’s a wildfire that is out of control

Yes, they are trying to put the fire out

But this time it’s different

A people has risen up

And won’t stop till they achieve their goal

October 13th, 2022

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