At the hairdresser’s

The hubbub at the hairdresser’s 

Multiple conversations going on at once 


The sound of the blow dryer 

Ladies getting dolled up

We all yearn for connection 

And isn’t this a great place for creating that?

Hairdressers are natural conversationalists after all

It’s part of the trade

It’s a must 

When I go to my hairdresser’s 

I feel pampered

Looked after

And I look forward to the end result

The color is fresh

The blow dry better than mine

And I feel like a hundred bucks

My hairdresser has another plus too 

And that’s his sense of humor 

I always laugh a lot in his chair 

I enjoy our conversations 

Laughter therapy



A polished look 

All provided by my hairdresser

What more could I ask for? 

February 4th, 2022

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