My phone book

My phone book is
Somewhat disorganized
Some say that could be a
A reflection of my thoughts

I beg to differ
So please tell me
What you think
After you hear my out

My phone book
Is organized in a special way
Alex Dahl is written under A
Bob Thompson is under T
Now that’s a problem, because

When looking for the number of my Dentist
I’m not sure if I should look for
Tremblay or for Guy?

His name is Guy Tremblay
But did I record his name
Under the G of Guy
Or the T of Tremblay?

I try T
But it’s not there
I look under G
It’s not there!

I go through each page
Trying to find
The number of my dentist
And then to my surprise
I find it written under D
D for Dentist


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