What I look for…

Don’t ask me how deep his pockets are
Ask me how soft his shoulders are when
I lay my head on them

Don’t ask me what he does for a living
Ask me how he lives day to day

Don’t ask me what he drives
Ask me what drives him, what his passions are
And if there is enough room for me
In the story of his life

Don’t ask me what he looks like
Ask me whether he makes me feel
Like the most beautiful woman in town

Don’t ask me about the gifts he gives
Ask me if these gifts include compassion,
Empathy, respect and love

Don’t ask me where we will live
Because a lovely houses can feel like a prison
If it’s not filled with warmth, joy and delight

Don’t ask me where he’ll take me
On vacation each time
Ask me where he transports me
With his kind words and loving eyes

All the things I’m looking for
Don’t cost a thing
What brings me joy is
Being listened to and understood
What I enjoy
Are witty comments that make me laugh
What I need is
Kindness, generosity of spirit and
The gift of time spent with the one I love

Lida Berghuis
November 26th, 2015

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