Setting an example

How have I learned the most valuable lessons in life?
Is it when someone told me how to live or
Is it when they set an example?

Is it when someone admonished me
Or when impressed by how they behaved
I tried to live better
Give more generously
And be a better me…

Do my children learn from what I tell them
Or how I behave?
What worth will my words have
If I contradict them?

Do I do better when I’m encouraged or scolded?
How wonderful it is when someone sees the good in me
It gives me reason to try even harder

When scolded
My spirit shrivels and shrinks
I’m not sure how much good the scolding did

My hope is always to be positive
I know I will falter and fall
But I’ll try to praise and show my friends
That I see the beauty in their actions

For someone else’s life I’m not responsible
Each of us has one life to focus on

If I look at someone else’s life
I’ll try to see only the good
After all, I hope others will do that for me

December 4th, 2015

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