Note to self 4

Don’t feel responsible for everyone
They will have to learn things on their own
The way you did
The way you wanted to!

Experience is a great teacher
Mistakes are our friends sometimes
And growth takes time
Don’t judge others and who they are
We’re all different and that’s fine

Your way is not the best
It’s best for you perhaps
But others can make up their own minds

When someone is sad
Just hold them
Be with them
Give them love
Don’t try to fix things
Or take the pain away

Doesn’t matter why they’re sad
If there is a good reason or not
They just need to be acknowledged
Seen, and heard
And feel loved!

Don’t tell them they shouldn’t be sad
Or how lucky they are
Don’t tell them there is no reason to cry

Just hold them
Let them be
Give them your support
Be someone they can lean on!

Lida Berghuis
March 13th, 2013

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