Everything is unknown till we live it*

In the journey of life
I used to seek instructions!
Sign posts!
Even letters from God!
To show me the way
Map the route out for me
Take uncertainty away
and change gray to black or white

I was afraid to take a
step forward
Lest I stepped the wrong way
I used to crave certainty
As if it was something
I would find
If I looked hard enough
Prayed long enough
Or contemplated long enough

But I’ve learned
Certainty does not exist
Cannot exist
That I won’t have all the answers
Before I make a decision
I won’t know what tomorrow brings for sure
And that’s OK!

I now feel that
There is nothing called a
Perfect path or the only right way
Steps can be traced back
Or side roads will appear

I feel that there will always
Be a place to land
Even if I step into the void
And just because
I don’t see the landing place
It doesn’t mean that
It does not exist!

Lida Berghuis
February 15th, 2013

*Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “Everything is unknown till we live it*

  1. For some reason your poem has caused me to wonder about those who came before us… were their paths, the ones forged by our forbearers, any more or any less complex than the choices that we face today? We tend to romanticize the “good-ole days” (be they decades or centuries ago) as a slower paced and simpler time… but I wonder if that was so… I’m pretty sure my grandmother felt as confused by life as I often do… and her mother before her… newly arrived in a new country, set down in a farming community… she not being from a farming family originally, this must have been quite the adventure… or ordeal… I guess it all depends on how you choose to look at the situation… and whether the hens laid eggs well that day!

    Anyways, thanks for giving me food for thought this evening!



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