Telling heals…

Sometimes I wonder why I write so often
Why I tell the story of my days and share my thoughts
There are many answers of course
Today I read somewhere, “It’’s the telling that heals

When I talk of sorrow
Some of it leaves
When I talk of tests and trials
They acquire meaning
Sorrow is transformed into joy
Trials transform into lessons learned

Telling heals
That’’s why a conversation
With a beloved friend
Is the best medicine for me

Telling heals
Emotion is released
The story that was trapped within
And caused me pain
Can finally leave

So, I’’ll tell my story
And you can tell yours
To be healed
To be consoled

And next time you’’re listening
To a friend’’s story
You know that you are part
Of the healing!

Lida Berghuis
October 29th, 2011

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