Joy is wisdom

Joy is wisdom!
How wonderful!

Who doesn’’t want wisdom?
Who doesn’’t want joy?

Joy in the sense of
Appreciating the wonders of life
The ecstasy of creativity
The balm of friendship
The elixir of love

Joy of having experienced suffering
And overcoming the odds
Joy of bringing joy to others
Joy of exploring and growing
Joy of knowing what’’s important in life

Joy is wisdom
What a blessed thought
Who doesn’t want joy?
Who doesn’t want wisdom?
And to discover that
They are one and the same
Or that one leads to the other
The cherry on top!

Joy sometimes comes
After much sorrow
Sorrow that plows our soul
Preparing it for the season of planting
And growth

Joy is wisdom*
What a heavenly thought!

Lida Berghuis

January 25th, 2011

*”Joy is wisdom” is a quote from Charlotte Davis Kasl
in her delightful book, Finding Joy.

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