A work in progress

I understand concepts slowly in life
First, I think I know how to do it right!

Then, it comes to my attention
That surprisingly, I was mistaken!
So begrudgingly I admit to my mistake
And start making some changes

Change is hard as you know
It’s a process, drawn out, and slow

After this first round
I feel happy and sure
I think I know now
What I didn’t know before

Does that mean things will go smoothly?
No, not really, unfortunately!
Understanding comes in degrees
Change is an incremental thing

So, round two begins!
The challenge is on!
I need to keep learning
Keep growing up

Round two’s finished
Am I with this issue done?
Have I finally got it?
Or there is more to be done?

Often, there is more to be learned
My understanding
I have to fine-tune it

I’m now ready to admit
That understanding
Is a work in progress
One that I will never complete

But in the meantime
I’ll do the best I can
With the knowledge and understanding
That I have!

Lida Berghuis
January 13th, 2011

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