A lesson in compassion

Have compassion for yourself
When you are feeling down
Easy to love yourself
When you’re flying high
Have compassion for yourself
After a fall!

I still loves others
When they go through hard times
Why am I so hard on myself
When I feel down?

It’s perhaps the perfectionist in me
Not happy with less than perfect
Most of the time

It’s the impatient in me
Wanting results
Right now!!

As I travel the road of life
There are many times I will fall
I’ll have bumps and bruises
Maybe even a broken arm
Why do I expect things
To go smoothly
All the time?

And when traveling through
The valley of hardship
I have a choice
To have compassion for myself
Or not!

What I’ve noticed is that this compassion
Is a healing balm
So is accepting the situation
And not putting up a fight

Working on solutions
Seeking answers
But having compassion for myself
At the same time

My friends will be there
They will make me smile
They will hold my hand
Until on my own I can walk

One day it will be my turn
To help them
And they will know
They can trust me with
Their sorrow and pain

Having been through the valley
Of darkness
I know you can find your way back
If you have compassion for yourself
If you are patient
If you learn your lesson
If you accept help!

We are asked to love others
And part of that
Is to love ourselves
When things don’t go as planned

Lida Berghuis
January 11th, 2011

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