We survive…

It’s as if from a nightmare
I have woken up
It’s as if yesterday
Did not exist
It’s as if I am
Someone else
Or back to the person
I used to be

Colours are brighter
Life has meaning
It’s as if the fog has lifted once more
And it’s spring in my heart again

How does one change
So dramatically?
Where do the ups and downs of life
Come from?
Why can I smile today
Whereas before
Frowns carved lines on my forehead
And brow

Why does music entrance me once more?
Why does writing bring me joy?
Why does the world seem full of possibilities?
Why do ideas come to me?

Winter in my heart
Makes me appreciate spring
Winter in my soul
Brought me to the brink
But we endure
We do survive
Even though it seems
Impossible at times

Lida Brghuis
May 6th, 2007

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