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Why bother

Lids are over-rated
That’s what Natasha thinks anyway
Why put the lid back on the toothpaste tube
If a few hours later you have to take it off?
Why put the lid back on the eye makeup remover
Pretty soon you’ll be using is again
Luckily somethings like Shampoo bottles
Come with their lids attached to them
Otherwise there would be lids everywhere

I’ve concluded that
Natasha and lids don’t get along
She avoids them and they avoid her too!
I’m sure she’s sometimes surprised
When she sees the lid back on something
That belongs to her
I’m sure she thinks, who did that and why?

The problem is that she does the same thing
With the jar of jam!
And as for putting it back in the fridge
She must think why bother with that
Someone will need it soon enough…

November 6th, 2015