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The path off the path!

So often we set out on a certain path
Plans in our head
Maps in our hands
We begin the journey
With stops in mind
With ideas of things to see
And the destination
We want

When I look at my life
After wondering for a long time
Which path to take
Making starts and stops
Taking certain roads
Then turning back
Sometimes confused
And choosing no path at all …

What I can see when I look back
Is that the major events of my life
Were planned for me
Were set before my eyes…
The path off the path!
Yes, I chose what I did
But it’s so clear that a hand
Was guiding me

Often, I would pray from the depths
Of my heart
Asking for guidance
From on high
I’m sure the guidance came
But not when I expected it
And in the form I thought!
This was a lesson
In forgetting me and I

So often I felt like
I should be in control
Or that I was!
I made plans
Chose a path
All to find …

That there were other
Plans laid out for me
Plans that were
Even better than mine!

Sometimes it was hard to see that
Right away
I complained
I carried on
Unhappy with the changes I had to face
Unhappy to change my plans at all

Now, looking back I see clearly
That I’ve been on a path
All along
Not the path I designed
But the best path of all

I just needed to open my eyes
And open my heart
To the blessings that
Came my way
And even the trials
The rough times
Were hidden gifts
From heavens above!

They have made me
Who I am
Somewhat stronger
Somewhat wiser
Somewhat more compassionate
And most important of all

I now know
That the key to peace of mind
Is to let go of the ego
The me and I
And surrender to the
Beauty of the Beloved!

Lida Berghuis
February 29th, 2011