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To rhyme or not to rhyme?

Why do I rebel against meter and rhyme?
Why don’’t I like constraint that much?

Why do I desire freedom from restrictions?
Why do I run away from convention?

My spirit yearns for freedom and flight
My nature does not like rules that bind

The rebellion of adolescence perhaps I missed
But now I want to do as I please!

There are constraints,
There are some rules
But don’’t like to analyze too much
Don’’t like to brood

Meter and rhyme comforting to some
But they act as a prison when I write

I like my spirit to decide these things
I want flow, not construction, mechanical

I want spontaneity, inspiration and fun
And somehow these don’’t go along with meter and rhyme!

Rhyme I will, when I want
But to analyze every word, every line
Kills the spirit for me
Reduces the poem to mere mechanics

Meaning and beauty what I seek
That’’s why I write, that’’s why I read!

Lida Berghuis
September 14th, 2011img_4219