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The lego hospital


Another day, another trip to the hospital

A blood test and a meeting with my oncologist

And do you know what takes the most time

After the 30-60 minute drive to the hospital

Depending on traffic?

It’s getting in and out of a four level parking lot 

With tight turns that scare me

What takes so much time?

Finding a place to park

Remembering where it is

Finding the car back

And then making the very slow drive out of the parking

Because of the number of cars ahead of me

Who are trying to do 

the same thing

The appointments are relatively on time 

And I love the cafeteria of this brand new hospital

It’s big, airy and colourful, with a tall ceiling

And big windows overlooking a large deck

There is artwork everywhere, inside and outside

The hospital architecture is itself a work of art

It looks like a building made of lego blocks

With each section having a different bright colour

It looks lovely as you approach it 

I think all hospitals should be built this way

Inviting, bright and roomy

With attention paid to architecture 

The cafeteria in an older hospital I’ve been to

Reminds me of prison cafeterias

Not that I’ve been to one

And perhaps prisons have nice cafeterias

But this particular cafeteria is dark, with a low ceiling, no colour, no art

No aesthetic whatsoever to speak of

Hospitals should be inviting places

You are already sick when you go there

You need uplifting surroundings

I’m sure it’s better for your mental and physical health

January 30th, 2023