Symphony in Orange


Symphony in Orange 

I have a few favourite colours 

And one of them is orange, in any of its glorious varieties

And these amazing hues are on display 

This fall as in every other fall

From orange to burnt orange to mixture of shades of oranges

They decorate the trees all along the paths I walk or drive

The beauty of nature is breathtaking

It feeds the soul

Orange is the colour of the fire of love

The fire that imparts life to our hearts

Orange is a joyous colour

It uplifts the soul

Orange is a colour that shines

It’s the colour of the sun in the sky

It’s warm and bright, the creator of life

There is no dearth of orange in the nature around us now

I try to take in the beauty when I’m outside

I collected many orange coloured leaves of our tree this morning

Our tree is shedding its garb of fall now

Orange magnificent

Orange a celebration 

Orange, a feast for our eyes

Orange, sublime

October 20th, 2022

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