A new era

This is a new era

An era in which women can be elected

To the highest office

An era in which being a woman

Will not prevent you from contributing to society

An era in which little girls

Can have role models in decisions making positions

A step toward equality

An era in which the women of colour can rise to power

Can rise to serve 

Can be included at the table of decision making

An era in which the children of immigrants can achieve

Their goals and dream

Many women have chanted and struggled for equality

The right to vote

The right to be elected to office

The right to head big and small corporations

And along with their expertise in various fields

Women can bring to the table kindness and caring

They can make decisions not just based on the economy

But instead based on the well-being of those they serve

Their psychological well-bing and their physical well-being

This is a new era

Long time in the making

May it lead to positive changes

A cooperative attitude

And decisions based on justice, compassion and equality

November 8th, 2020

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