The greatest love


How do you stop missing someone?

Why do our emotions have such a strong hold on us?

Why can the absence of a loved one reek such havoc on us?

Maybe because when we love, we create an attachment

Which is weak or strong based on the type of love

This attachment serves us well when we are with the one we love

But take them out of the equation

And then you don’t know what to do with that empty spot

It takes time to fill that spot with other loves

Like it took time to build the love we lost

And in the meantime, how do we deal with the hole That has been created?

How do we deal with the pain of absence?

Maybe it’s by attaching ourselves to a higher power

A love that supersedes all other love

A love that is the creator of other loves

A love that won’t abandon us

An intangible love

But a powerful one

That love can fill the hole faster than other loves

That love can help us heal

That love, one that we sometimes forget to call on


December 28th, 2019

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