She swallowed some glue

There once was a woman who

Swallowed some glue

Why she swallowed the glue

I couldn’t tell you

It looked white

It looked harmless

She dipped her finger in it and

In her mouth it went


It tasted awful

You should have seen her face

This was no yogurt

She thought to herself!


But it was too late

The damage was done

The harmless looking thing

Had done its harm


She spat out as much of the stuff

As she could

But the taste that remained

Was still dreadful!


How long will this taste

Remain with me?

How long will I suffer

Please answer me!


The guy from poison control

Didn’t seem concerned

He said if the glue was nontoxic

All would be well!


But the taste was terrible

It would not go away

So she sat down

And wrote her story in verse!


January 22nd, 2004

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