Tidying up

Papers, papers everywhere
Some on the couch, some on the floor
Some on the table in front of me
Some in the dining room

Keep, recycle, file
Recycle, file, consolidate
Then, find proper places for them

Faded files
Empty files
Files that can be gotten rid of
Files that have grown thick over the years
With papers going back more than ten years
Paper clips
Old binders
And oh, the note book I thought I had lost!

This kind of work needs concentration
The right mood
And perhaps certain stars need to align
That’s why I don’t do it often
I like to blame it on the stars!

And once you start in one area
You end up in another one and another one
Tidying up things
You were not even going to touch

After a couple of hours
My brain feels on fire
And my eyes feel like they are crossed
I decide it’s time to stop

This is not one day’s work
But I’ve made a good start
And will I be cooking tonight?
I think not!
August 21st, 2016

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