Dear mom

Dear mom,
I want to thank you…

I want to thank you
For the sleepless nights you soothed me back to sleep
When I was just born
For giving up your freedom, after that, to do what you want
When you want

For giving me the best education possible
For teaching me English from early on

For being a courageous woman in your own time
For showing me that in groups women can be in charge

For the difficult days you experienced
When I first fell in love
For your support to carry on

For being a good grandmother
Keeping your grandchildren in your
Heart from afar

For all the delicious home-cooked meals
Prepared with love

For instilling in me the love of traveling
For letting me go when it was my time to fly

For all the prayers you have said
From the depth of your heart
For all the sorrows you have endured

For encouraging me in my pursuit of poetry
For understanding my love for this art

And finally, dear mom
I want to thank you simply
For being my mom!


January 23rd, 2016

2 thoughts on “Dear mom

  1. Wiping my tears of joy and gratitude, I want to thank YOU for being the best daughter I could have. Your almost every day phone calls when I was sick, healthy, even pioneering in Eastern Europe was and is the source of my strength to carry on my adventurous life. Our laughters and tears together, sharing moments of our lives and our problems caused us to be strong women. Wish you, Albert (the best son in law I could have), Natalie, Natasha and Nicholas The best and happiest life ahead. Thanks again. Mom


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