She is the queen
But he’s the queen maker
She is in the lime light
But he’s why she’s there
She is strong
But he taught her to be strong
She is who she is
Because of her Aba

A man, in tune with today’s reality
In a country, stuck in the past
A man of principle, courage and calm
A man whose persistence paid off

Education his ladder and hers
Helping others their way of life
He says they are one soul in two bodies
What a beautiful thought

They are co-workers
Valiant and bright
With hearts that want to do what’s right
They don’t think of themselves first
They want to help other boys and girls
Such an inspired team will go far
I can’t wait to see the result

He treated her the same way
He would treat his son
And thought girls should be free
To achieve what they want

In a society that girls were not seen and heard
He raised a daughter that questioned these ways
He is beside her each step of the way
She is who she is because she was encouraged

She was named after a woman leader of the past
As if her father knew what would come to pass
Leaders are born and leaders are taught
Leaders educate their head and their heart
Their hearts set goals high and mighty
Their heads help them achieve victory

Two souls in one body, or two souls in two
Watch out for what this duo will do

December 22nd, 2015

Inspired by Malala and her father

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