The third act

The third act

I am in the third act of my life
I don’t view it as going downhill
I continue to climb up

My body sometimes will not cooperate
It will need more care sometimes
But my mind is sharp
My spirit’s bright, and
I carry all the lessons I’ve learned
In my back pocket

This third act can be the most productive of all
I’ve done a lot of growing up
Falling down, and getting up
I’ve learned what counts and what does not
I’ve learned to value friends most of all

I’ve been through some rough patches
But I’ve survived
I’ve learned to make peace
With the challenges of life

With this accumulated wisdom so far
I feel ready to run
Ready to fly…

My heart can still break
But it heals faster
Bumps and bruises
Don’t scare me as much

I’m happy to keep learning
And experiencing life
But I hope to give back
To share what I’ve learned so far

The third act may turn out to be
The most fulfilling of all
But I’m grateful for act one and two
And where I am now

December 21sth, 2015

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