What counts

How do you know that someone really loves you?
Is it when you are happy in their company and
You can laugh together and have a good time?

That counts… but what really matters is
If he’ll be there to hold your hand when you cry
If he’ll call you beautiful with or without makeup
If he’ll be patient when things get rough
If he listens to you when you have something on your mind

We need to have happy experiences together to build bonds
But the bonds that are built during the dark days of life
Are stronger

You know someone really loves you when
They are prepared to experience hardship for this love

It’s nice to give gifts
It’s even better
To give your attention and time

It’s wonderful to hear I love you
It means even more when you see it in deeds

It’s lovely to receive flowers and chocolates on Valentines Day
But the gifts that make a bigger difference are compassion and respect

You know someone loves you
When they support you in reaching your goals
When after many years, good days and not so good days
They are still beside you
And are happy to have you in their life
That’s when you know that you have a
Partner and confidant for life
December 16th, 2015

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