Friendship that deepens….

The requirements of our WhatsApp group:
Lost of coffee and tea to stay awake and alert
And read all the posts which rain down continuously
A few committed people who post consistently
Lots of dedicated people who read regularly
And some people who we don’t see we but don’t forget

Everyone is needed to make the group work
And of course a highly skilled ‘modeer’
A highly effective ‘mobser’
and a wonderful ‘nazem’

Occasionally we have intensive classes
Offered by esteemed ‘ostads’
Often we laugh at funny posts, photos
And conversations…
Poetry is a staple of the group
So is breakfast with ‘mosha’ereh’
And the group wouldn’t be complete
Without the beautiful ‘deklames’ we receive
And posts from the ‘morning police’

The group never sleeps
The sun never sets
And even when the sun has set somewhere
The magical moon is ever present

This is a special group
Made of love
Made of friendship
Made of loyalty
Made of a common history!

May the group grow and develop
Over the years
May our friendship last a long time…

Lida Berghuis
August 3rd, 2015

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