Blue and white

Blue and white
Is the house of the Beloved
Where He stayed
Where hardship rained
Where verses were revealed

I look out the window
At the blue sea
See white clouds in the sky
The sun streaming in
Sending assurance
That it will not set
For a long time

A cool breeze comes from the sea
A welcome relief from the heat
The heat of summer
Reminiscent of the tribulations
That befell the Holy family here
Reminiscent of the heat radiating
From the revealed Word
Ready to set ablaze the hearts

I try to forget the heat
And realize how privileged I am
Realize where I’m standing

From this muddy water
The lotus bloomed
And appeared in great beauty
In great majesty!

Blue and white
The land and the sea
The sky and the clouds
Blue and white
The house of Abud, in Akka!

Lida Berghuis
July 2011

Written during our pilgrimage this July to the Baha’i Holy places in Israel, after visiting the House of Abud, in which the founder of the Baha’i Faith lived under house arrest, prisoner of the Ottoman empire for several years.

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