Bewildering Surrender

Sell your questioning talents and buy
Bewildering surrender*

Surrender does not imply weakness
It’s a sign of humility
I finally realize how little I know
No matter how hard I try
To find the answers to the questions of life

And when I surrender, when I let go
Things hurt less
Certainty is deceiving
It carries with it a hint of pride

Our mind’s calibration of
What’s good and what’s not
Is oftentimes inaccurate*

From what we see as bad
Can bloom many flowers, fragrant
In what we see as good
We can drown and forget
What’s important

Bewildering surrender
Bewildering, because there is so much
That we cannot know fully in this life

Bewildering because
What we thought was black is white
And what we thought was here
To cause us grief
Gives us joy, eternal

Bewildering because
Surrender gives us wings
Acknowledging that we don’t know
And cannot know, gives us wisdom

Bewildered and astonished
I surrender to the Higher Power
That is compassionate
And knows all
I surrender to the school of life

I acknowledge that I don’t know
And so I surrender
To the Beauty of the One who does

Lida Berghuis
December 31st, 2010

* Rumi

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