What I crave

Some people are drawn to the comfort of the familiar
I crave discomfort

Some people want to stay close to home
Where there is certainty
I crave uncertainty

Some people run from the unfamiliar
I crave unfamiliarity

I want to stretch the boundaries of my spirit
I want to drown in someone else’’s world
I want to fly away from home
And see the beauty that awaits me somewhere else
I’ve seen the familiar
I know the familiar

I crave change

I want to see the world from someone else’s eyes
I want to listen to the stories of their lives

There is a surprise around every bend
There are so many lessons to be learned

And the more stories I hear
The clearer it becomes
I’m among my sisters and brothers
No matter what the clime

And I discover that
There is familiarity in the unfamiliar
Flight in the fall
And love in loss

Lida Berghuis
July 14th, 2010
St. Maarten

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