Buts and ands …

Buts and ands….

Sometimes I wonder when to persevere
And when to let go
When am I supposed to hang in there?
When am I supposed to go?

When everything seems to go wrong
When all the doors close in my face
When I try and try and the answer is no
I have to finally let go!

Reading the signs the universe sends us
Is not easy at times
We have all the buts and the ands lined up
To see things the way we want!

But eventually we run out of buts
And eventually we know we were wrong
To push and to persevere in a certain case
We got to let go sometimes
Before all is lost!

And yet there are other times
When the door remains open
But not very wide
Then we have to be patient and
Wait and not give up

If the door opens wide
We walk through
If the door closes shut
We turn around

Reading these signals and signs
Is not easy most times
But who said life was easy?
Not I!!

Lida Berghuis
July 28th, 2007

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