Feeling dial!

Why do I always feel so much?
Why can’t I be numb once in a while?
Why can’t I shut down my heart?
To the pain and sorrow that’s around?

Not feeling is not the answer
Feeling numb does not make sense!
But feeling less may be OK
I think I need a feelings dial!

But a machine I am not
A dial I don’t have on me now!
I am who I am, and
I have to accept it, like it or not!

I must accept who I am
Accept the strengths and the flaws
This world is not made
For perfect people
But for those who will strive

Strive to be better
Strive to serve
Strive to learn
And not give up
In the face of calamity
In the throws of pain
When the going gets tough
When the walls come up!

So I’ll bear the burden
Of this earthly life
With its tears of sorrow
It’s laughter and fun
I’ll feel what I’ll feel
I’ll accept it all
Don’t have much choice
So said a friend of mine!

Lida Berghuis
August 23rd, 2007

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