The maze of love!

The Rubix Cube
The most intricate jigsaw puzzle
The most challenging maze
All of these cannot compare
With the puzzle of love!

The puzzle of love
A living maze
It changes and expands
When least expected
Twists are added
At whim it seems
While it was complicated
To begin with

The rubix cube
With a thousand hues
The jugsaw puzzle
The end result of which
Is not known
The puzzle of love
Not for the faint of heart
Not for those who are not
Willing to get lost
In the desert of love

The puzzle of love
A test for the most patient heart
The puzzle of love
Brings tears to the eyes of the most
Reserved one

The puzzle of love
About which stories are told
And poems are written
From the time of old

I was never fascinated
With the Rubix Cube
Or intricate jigsaw puzzles
Of many hues

But I am fascinated with
The puzzle of love
The living maze
The ultimate challenge
Of the heart

Lida Berghuis
April 13th, 2004

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